When it comes to the studying procedures of students in college,I firmly believe that we students should be patient,perseverant,and confident.

To start with, we need to be patient in the study.Troubles are inevitable,so we should face it bravely.Once we get stuck in the problems we meet in the process of studying, we surely should be calm, and think about the question carefully.Only in this way can we work out this problem easily.

Furthermore, we also need to be perseverant. Perseverance and persistence all by no means bad qualities of us in order to get a handsome academic performances in the school.Once you did everything heart and soul, you will fully understand it and you will definitely make a difference.

Lastly,confidence is one part of our seld-qualities. Condidence is the first step towards success. Therefore,just be confident, everything can be easy,and you will absolutely be fruitful.

All in all, It takes patience,perseverance and condidence if you want to get out-standing in your college..