A Conversation about Hobbies

Michael and John are on their way to the tennis court。 They meet Charles and David。

Michael: hi, Charlie and Dave, how is everything?

Charles: ok。
  Thank you。 How about you? It seems like you two are going to play tennis?

John: Yes。We are gong to play tennis。 Would you like to join us? We can play doubles。

David: No。 Thanks。 We have a football game this afternoon。 But the goalie is not feeling well。 Do you know anybody who could be a goalie for our team? Just for today。

Michael: I am afraid not。

Charles, What’s so good about playing tennis? Why can’t you guys cancel playing tennis today and come to join us。
  One will be the goalie and one will cheer for us。

Michael: You know what? I took tennis classes recently and I find myself so crazy about it。
   I feel so energetic after playing tennis。

Charles: I don’t play tennis。 I just play football。 Tennis is not as exciting as football。

Michael: Charlie, I am afraid I can’t agree with you at this point。

John : me neither。

Michael:It is much easier to find one tennis partner than to find a whole team of people to play football。

David:That’s true。

Charlie: But, don’t you think more people are more exciting? Playing tennis is like playing a ping pong game。
   You merely play back and forth。 It’s a kind of boring。

Michael and John: Noooooooo!

Michael: When you play tennis, you can keep fit and you don’t get hurt。

John: There is too much body contact in playing football。 I don’t want to be pushed, be stepped, be knocked down or……

Charles: that’s the best part of the game。

David: well, we all learn to play smart。

Michael: Sorry。 We can’t talk to you now。 We have to go to our tennis club now。
   I can’t wait to play with John。

Charles: ok。 I have to call my buddies to see who would like to be our goalie today。

Michael and John: Gook luck! Bye!

Charles and David: Bye! Have a good day!

Michael John: you, too。